On Becoming a Freelance Writer: Succeed in Writing, Find Well-Paying Clients, and Earn the Right Cash

Easy Methods That Help Freelance Writers to Earn More Cash

Come to think about it, if you know how to create viral content and copies that sell, you’ll probably get paid $200+ per hour to write. Your career will grow, and even big clients will begin to hunt you.

But if you’re a newbie, the first stages of becoming a freelance writer can be too intimidating. Your website portfolio, credibility as writer, and marketing strategies—these are some of the few things you have to set up and remember. 

Combat Common Problems in the Self-publishing Industry

Self-publishing has become a convenient way for authors who want to put their works out themselves and be the master of their own destiny. You get full control over everything—from cover to content. No misleading binding contracts to sign, and no network of agents and editors to go through!

LitFire Reviews and Testimonials: What Our Authors Have to Say

Know what authors have to say about LitFirePublishing and its services. Here are some reviews and testimonials. Read full article here.

LitFire Publishing, a self-publishing company which opened its doors in 2008, started out as a publisher of digital books. Today, with hundreds of book titles under their belt, LitFire offers authors options for digital and print publishing services.

Travel Writer's Checklist for Photographers Who Want to Start Travel Writing

Are you a photographer who wants to venture into travel writing? These travel writer checklist will help you get started.

Travel writing is not just a luxury vacation—it is actually an enormous work. As a career, it does not only require one to be skilled in writing; it also asks for keen perception and a whole lot of patience. What makes travel writing so different is that you are going to destinations you’ve never been, and you have to learn and understand other culture, tradition, and history—and put these into words.