Travel Writer's Checklist for Photographers Who Want to Start Travel Writing

Are you a photographer who wants to venture into travel writing? These travel writer checklist will help you get started.

Travel writing is not just a luxury vacation—it is actually an enormous work. As a career, it does not only require one to be skilled in writing; it also asks for keen perception and a whole lot of patience. What makes travel writing so different is that you are going to destinations you’ve never been, and you have to learn and understand other culture, tradition, and history—and put these into words. 

If you’re really committed to travel the world and share your experiences, then you should start harnessing tons of dedication and perseverance. For photographers who want to do travel writing, here’s a simple checklist for you to get started.

  • Waterfalls in Iceland
Waterfalls in Iceland

The northern lights in Iceland are a common nature photography subject. But why not write interesting stories about other sceneries? Iceland is also home to many popular waterfalls. Do a little research and interviews here and there. As a travel writer, you should not be afraid to ask questions. Talk to the locals and discover hidden places.

    Villager in Vietnam
  • Villager in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its cultural diversity. Aside from its multicultural Viet food, picturesque landscapes, and the famous Saigon, Vietnam is home to friendly, optimistic, and simple people. One can learn so much about Vietnamese culture and traditions. Write an inside scope to some of their remote regions, talk about their common practices, everyday living, customs, and how villagers manage to live and adapt in today’s modern world.

  • Geishas of Japan
Geishas of Japan

Cherry blossoms aren’t the only thing that “blossoms” in Japan. Geishas, too, take on their spotlight in theaters.

Inspired to write a different angle? Discover diverse traditional arts and abundant culture—their well-preserved architecture, day-to-day practices, and artistic works. As you travel and write, collect some information on the Geisha’s role in the society, why and how these iconic women become part of Japan’s art and culture.

  • Agriculture in Africa

Agriculture in Africa
While most photographs depict about Africa’s variety of wildlife, here we have something out of the ordinary. You can also show the condition in Africa’s economy and agriculture. Because when you become a travel writer, you don’t only inform the readers but you take note of the crucial stories and send your readers a message to take part, before it’s too late.


As a travel writer, take note of other angles and other stories that people haven’t heard and read yet. Think of the story you’re going to tell beforehand. Just make sure you bring your courtesy greetings with you.

  • Slum areas in Xiamen
Slum areas in Xiamen
      China’s slum areas, as depicted in this picture, tell a different story. If you take notice of the large buildings from a far, you will realize that there really is another side of the coin. Take a stroll along their streets and observe how complicated their way of living is.

Include stories like these in your travel. It’s a good thing to know how laborers and day workers go about their daily grind. Be flexible enough to go to less visited places, get curious, and be observant.

Your goal as a travel writer is to make an impact to your story. Your advantage is that you can pair your travel stories with photos. But as the devices are moving forward, you can also convert your work into an audiobook, catering a wider audience and opening to a different medium. 

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Your adventure as a travel writer starts the moment you land on your destination, but no matter where you’re going, always remember that every destination you visit has some interesting stories to tell. Unearth these treasured stories and you unearth gems tales waiting to be discovered.

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