10 Steps to Help You Become a Top Influencer in Social Media

You don’t want to be a “nobody”.

Come on, everyone wants to become a “somebody”. That’s why we have all those dreams and inspirations to achieve what we want in the future. But the real question is how you can become a “somebody” in your own field.

Become Influencer in Social Media

Now, I don’t know about you but if you want to become a top influencer in social media, then these steps will lead you to the realization of your dreams. Go, check them out. 

1. Aim for the target.

Okay, you already have a goal – that’s good. The next thing to do is keep your focus on that specific objective. Make sure that your activities and plans are geared towards what you have in mind. And if you find yourself straying away from your goals, it’s always practical to set aside some time to re-evaluate your aim and think of ways to get back on track.

2. Extract knowledge for intelligence.

So, you want to be a top influencer? Okay, start researching all the things that you have to know when it comes to social media, online marketing and all other forms of online communication. 

Stay on top of the latest platform updates like new analytics tools, helpful features and even algorithm changes (especially those Google updates that sound like cute animals but actually not).  These things can significantly alter the way you will implement your plans.
And while we’re on the subject of researching, you might want to stay on top of the latest trends, developments and news to earn essential insights in your chosen niche. 

3. Develop credibility and authority. 

How exactly are you going to do this? I can only think of one thing, and we’ll call it content marketing. All you have to do is create a blog in a site like WordPress and write high-quality content regularly. Try to post two or three times a week. 

I know it’s never easy, that is why you should think about creating a content calendar first. Try to think of topics that might interest your potential followers. In case you don’t have time to write all those content, you can invite other influencers to contribute some articles to your blog. And hey, don’t forget to share these things to your followers in social media.

4. Blast your writing prowess.

Never underestimate the power of guest blogging. It’s a very practical way of becoming visible online while establishing your credibility. Just reach out to your fellow bloggers and ask them if you can write an article for them. 

But before you send a request, you might want to check out their guidelines first. And of course, once your piece is published, it’s worth sharing it to your Facebook or Twitter audience. Remember, regular high-quality and interesting postings means higher chance of success.

5. Charm your potential followers.

No, it’s not only about liking and commenting back to a follower’s status or tweet. It’s not also sharing what others have posted in their wall. What I’m trying to say is that you need to engage your potential audience and transform it into a connection.
For one, you can share your opinion on discussions and forum debates. You can also attend online gatherings like a webinar connected to your niche. Or, better yet, you can host online events like a question and answer event on Goodreads. Try to think out of the box and you’ll enjoy the perks, trust me. 

6. Create your own community.

Don’t be shy.  Start looking for new possible connections across all platforms. Use the recommendation tools in Twitter and Facebook. You know, those suggestions on who you should follow based on your profile’s details. You can also take advantage of directories like “Find People on Plus”. Once you get in touch with both influencers and target audience, you need to establish a good connection with them. These people will help get you to the top.

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7. Lend your ears to your audience.

What do they like to read? Do they like a long article or they prefer those articles that you can easily scan? When do they usually read such articles? Well, these are the usual things that you should pay attention if you want your campaign to work. I know, it sounds like hard work but nothing comes easy when we talk about success, right?

 Just start gathering some data in order to determine topics, influencers, advocates, competitors and other things related to your niche. If you want, you can also find tools that can help simplify the process of collecting these facts. 

8. Make it work with a plan. 

Don’t ever go to a war without a plan. Spontaneity is fun and interesting but when it comes to becoming a top influencer in social media, you need a plan. It doesn’t have to be very elaborate and it doesn’t need to be expensive. 

All you have to do is organize your activities and plot it to a calendar. Make sure your schedules aren’t muddled in order to avoid duplication of posts and other issues. And by the way, you can use publishing tools for your convenience like Hootsuite. 

9. Handle negativity well.

The way to success has a lot of twists and turns. More so if you're already on your way to the top. But you have to remember that you can’t please everyone. So, you must allot some time to create a plan on how you can handle negative reviews and comments on your effort.
You might even want to think about how you can counteract smear campaigns and other issues that will overturn everything you have worked for. But don’t worry, there are so many ways to dodge negativity, I know you can find your way out. 

10. Keep your feet on the ground.

Fame and fortune can make the worst of a person. Thus, you need to remember that even when you're already on the way to the top, you need to stay humble. Didn’t expect this one, huh?

Look back to where you started. Don’t let the spotlight dazzle your senses when making decisions. Remember that you won’t be where become successful if not for the people who put you there. So, take the time to give back some of your glory to ones who pushed you to the top. You know what, even a simple “thank you” from time to time will work. Bonus point, it adds to your likability too. 

These things might seem like a lecture from your mom or teacher. And I know you have read so many resources that say the same thing. But how many of these points have you applied so far? Think about it. 

Care to share what you think? Let us know about it. We’d love to hear it.

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