LitFire Reviews and Testimonials: What Our Authors Have to Say

Know what authors have to say about LitFirePublishing and its services. Here are some reviews and testimonials. Read full article here.

LitFire Publishing, a self-publishing company which opened its doors in 2008, started out as a publisher of digital books. Today, with hundreds of book titles under their belt, LitFire offers authors options for digital and print publishing services.

And when it comes to book publicity, LitFire has also participated in some major book fairs around the globe—Beijing, Frankfurt, and London International book fairs, to name a few. Through joining global events and building connections, authors now can confidently rely on its services and reputation as the leading self-publishing company.
How has LitFire helped aspiring authors? What has attracted millions of authors to self-publish? 

Here are some testimonials from authors

LitFire Publishing Authors Testimonials

LitFire guarantees aspiring authors that current authors are happy with their publishing experience. For additional information about LitFire, visit, or visit them through social media pages, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Company history and beginnings, and other information are available at

About LitFire Publishing

LitFire is a provider of self-publishing solutions for authors around the world. Choose from a wide range of Black & White and Full-Color publishing packages to turn your manuscript into a beautiful, full-length book. We are committed to delivering high-quality, results-oriented services to produce and distribute your book in paperback, hardcover, or digital format. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive inside news, promotions, and the best of our publishing advice and tips.

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