On Becoming a Freelance Writer: Succeed in Writing, Find Well-Paying Clients, and Earn the Right Cash

Easy Methods That Help Freelance Writers to Earn More Cash

Come to think about it, if you know how to create viral content and copies that sell, you’ll probably get paid $200+ per hour to write. Your career will grow, and even big clients will begin to hunt you.

But if you’re a newbie, the first stages of becoming a freelance writer can be too intimidating. Your website portfolio, credibility as writer, and marketing strategies—these are some of the few things you have to set up and remember. 

But as you’re probably thinking, “how can I get paid more to write?” Here we are going to give four easy tips, as well as different ideas and methods you can develop.

Write Good and Fast

The faster you can break a neck, the more advantageous you can be at earning, but make sure you can still produce high-quality content even with how fast you write. You need not to jeopardize your writing because you want to finish the project earlier.

The secret here is preparation and practice. But resist from over-researching; manage your time and focus on what is important. So as you start, get the essentials you need.

Write for Free

You read it right. In becoming a freelance writer and to build your portfolio, you also have to write contents for free. Guest posting is the best example. If you have made a blog go viral, you’ll get money in your pocket and free exposure to some potential clients.

Write a Book

Self-publishing your book—fiction novel, self-help books, cook books, and more—helps solidify your credibility as writer, or you can upload your book as e-book, and make it available on Amazon.          

Write for Sales

Write for press releases, product copies, and sales copies to increase your earnings. There are good markets for writers out there online who can pay a fair amount. In exchange for your well-written content, these businesses can hand you for over $2,000+ if you’ve got a high conversion for sales copy.  

To help you get started in freelancing, here are some websites for freelance writing opportunities.

  • All Indie Writers Freelance Writing Jobs Board
  • Writing Career
  • Freelance Writers Den Junk Free Jobs Board
  • Freelance Writing Gigs
  • FreelanceWriting.com
  • Whisper Jobs

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