How to Choose a Self-Publishing Company

Self-publishing companies have been around for as long as self-publishing has existed. Some authors are still hesitant to put their books in the hands of self-publishing specialists, but it cannot be denied that these companies have contributed to the success of many authors.

The decision to hire a self-publishing company is one only you can make, but if you want to go for this option, here are points to remember so that you can make informed decisions.

1. Book Production Costs

Gather all the self-publishing companies you find through an online search and compare their publishing packages. Compare details such as how many free author copies you can get, upfront costs, the price for getting additional copies of your book, e-book publishing services, and add-on services like editing, cover design and marketing.

2. Retail Price

Find out if the publisher allows you to set your book’s price tag. Some companies retain control over the retail price of their authors’ books. What this means is that they could price your book at a very high price that you don’t agree with.

3. Your rights

You should be able to own every piece of your book, from your manuscript to the printed version. If the self-publishing company pays you to keep your book for several years, you might as well have signed up with a traditional publisher.

4. A non-exclusive contract

With a non-exclusive contract, you are free to sell your book to a traditional publisher, a film producer and other entities. You do not want to be locked with a publisher that won’t let you distribute your book in whatever form elsewhere.

5. Publishing essentials coverage

Without an ISBN and barcode, no online or offline bookstore will be able to sell your book. Choose a company that will provide you with an ISBN and copyright registration. You also want a company that distributes their books to the top online booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Self-Publishing A Book Made Easy With LitFire Publishing from Jill Bennett on Vimeo.

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