5 Kindle Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

Apart from getting your masterpiece out there, your other goals as an author would be to boost your sales and to have a best seller on your hands. This article will teach you how to do Kindle marketing for you to generate a good amount of book sales and to possibly create a best seller out of your Kindle ebook.

Tip #1: Write articles
Draw readers into wherever it is you are selling your Kindle ebook with the use of article marketing. Write articles that are related to your subject matter, include the necessary keywords, and provide text links that lead to the where your book is being sold, whether it is on Amazon or on your website.

Tip #2: Allow readers to “Look Inside”
Readers will be more encouraged to buy your Kindle ebook if they get a chance to read a few pages of it and figure out if it is what they’re looking for or not.

Tip #3: Take advantage of the free promo days
Giving away your Kindle ebook for free is a good strategy, especially if you are a new author. If you’re selling your book on Amazon, you can get 5 promotional days when you make it exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. Make sure to announce that you’re having a free promo so that readers would know about it and be able to download your book for free while they still can!

Tip #4: Submit your book to review websites
A Kindle ebook will sell if it is backed by good reviews. If you haven’t gotten reviews from your readers yet, you may submit your book to review websites like Goodreads and Kirkus Reviews. These websites will give you the book reviews that you need.

Tip #5: Make use of Amazon’s KDP Select
Amazon’s KDP Select allows authors, like you, to list your book into the Amazon Prime lending program and to allow free downloads of your book for 5 days within a 3-month time period to Amazon Prime Members. Each time a book is lent, Amazon considers this as a sale. However, before joining KDP Select, you must make sure that your book has been well-promoted online so that there will be higher chances to generate higher sales.

Knowing how to do Kindle marketing is important for all Kindle authors. Start marketing your Kindle ebooks now and reap the rewards of your efforts in no time!

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