How to Publish an Ebook

What is an ebook?

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An ebook is a book in digital form. It is accessed using computers and mobile devices. Although most of the time an ebook format is a secondary version of a printed book, there are also published books that only come in ebook format.

Publishing an ebook is one of the easiest ways to publish your work. Once you know how to publish an ebook, you’ll find it easy to digitally publish all your other works in the future.

You can publish your ebook in several formats. Manuscripts created in MS Word will require a special software to convert it into different ebook formats. The most common formats used for ebooks are the following:

• PDF – It is the most common format for ebooks that is readable for computers, as well as mobile devices. It retains the original color, layout, and format of a book’s printed version.
• EPUB – It is the international standard format that is readable for most mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
• MOBI – It is the ebook format used for Amazon Kindle. Manuscripts create from MS Word are converted using a free software called Mobipocket Creator.
• iBOOKS – It is a new ebook format that was introduced by Apple. It is readable only for Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Common ebook publishing requirements:

• Front and back covers
• Formatted manuscript
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Other requirements may vary. You can find these in various ebook publishing websites online.

Additional tips:

• Your ebook must have an eye-catching cover
• Set the price right
• Have a subtitle, especially for non-fiction books
• Market prior to publishing
• Market after the book is published
• Allow customers to “Look Inside”
• Have more than one distribution channel

I hope this quick article was able to help you learn a few things on how to publish an ebook. It is truly very easy to do so as you only need to know the ins and outs of ebook publishing for you to be able to do it successfully.

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