Transforming Blog Posts into eBooks: Success Won’t Come Without These 5 Easy Tricks

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Hey, nice blog! You have a lot of followers too. A great combination of quality content plus avid readers, that’s great! 

Well, just an idea. Why don’t you turn your blog into an eBook? You already have the content as well as a niche. Okay, I can see your eyes twinkling with ideas so before you get carried away, you should think about these things first before turning your blog post into an eBook.

Find your story.

Of course, you have posted a lot of blog posts throughout the years. But are they all cohesive? Do they all tackle one big idea? It’s possible but highly unlikely. So, if you want to create an eBook out of it, then you have to think about an angle first. You can’t just collate everything and make a hodgepodge of far-fetched thoughts. No, don’t waste your time and effort. What you must do is take the time to evaluate what type of posts or topics got the most views and shares. Once you determine it, look for a unique angle and develop it.

Map a content plan.

Brainstorm your way into a content plan. Plot your thoughts in a mind map and think about the topics that need to be included in the book. Mine your blog posts for relevant content and compile them. Create the final outline so you can ensure cohesion and flow. You can list down the main chapters of the book so as not to forget their arrangement. And before you combine blog posts in a chapter, make sure you know how to make a smooth transition in between them. Most importantly, don’t forget to plan your introduction and conclusion.

Fill in the gaps.

Is something missing in the content? Write it then. Do you think your posts need a little tweaking to make your eBook better? Then review your posts, edit them and make them meatier. These are just some of the things that you can do before you decide to publish your work. One last thing, don’t forget to update any post references and sources to avoid further problems of credibility and worse, legal issues. 

Skip the amateurish mistakes. 

Assess yourself whether you have the right set of skills to self-publish your eBook. And I’m not only talking about editing it for typos and other possible grammatical errors. There are a number of considerations to think about before you can transform your blog into an eBook. For instance, if you don’t know anything about art, then you should probably hire a professional designer for your book cover. Or, if you're doubtful about your editing skills, then look for a good editor. These little practical tips can save your time and effort from going down the drain. 

Tackle the issue of marketing. 

Nope, selling your eBook is not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just post your work on Amazon and then wait for the profit to start coming in. Marketing is far more complicated than that. But don’t worry, you can ask for help anytime you need it. There are marketing specialists who can help announce your work to the world. Plus, you can also check out some helpful marketing tips on the Internet. 

Don’t be afraid to take the first step of turning your blog post into an eBook. The journey may seem laced with challenges but with the help of these practical and easy tips, you can avoid most of the problems along the way.
Now, are you ready to become a published author?

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